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End of Summer Welcome Back

I hope everyone had a great summer. I certainly did, although it’s been very busy.

After the Liberal leadership campaign ended, it was time for me to step back and really think about what to do next. I stopped following and posting on Facebook. I stopped blogging. I stopped following Twitter and stopped tweeting (which I won’t deny, was wonderful — do all politicians have a love-hate relationship with Twitter?) I had hundreds of volunteers to thank for all of their support and hard work. We had finished the campaign in the black, all paid for – and I had so many people to thank for their financial contributions.

I also had two jobs to get back to. Before and during the campaign I was, and thankfully still am, the Chief Legal Officer of EnStream, the mobile payments joint venture among Rogers, Bell and TELUS, and the mobile payments world is very exciting right now. I am also still an Executive Fellow at the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary, where I enjoy working with a terrific group of people of all political backgrounds. (Given the number of times I’ve heard differently, it’s worth clarifying:  No, I don’t live in Calgary, I live in Toronto – I am simply lucky enough to spend time in both places.)

Over time, however, I had developed various thoughts and ideas about how to make Canada a better place, yet no real idea of what to do with them. I was also frustrated seeing, so often, good policy, from all political quarters, getting lost in ideology, partisanship and electoral opportunism – and seeing bad policy promoted for the same reasons. I’m looking forward to pursuing other ways to encourage good policy-making and good policy implementation.

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