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Canadian FlagI am not yet sure whether I will run again for public office in 2015.  See my other post …  But in the meantime, I believe that, regardless of party or partisanship, Canada must have intelligent government, acting to achieve real, practical solutions based on science, fact and evidence, not ideology, political advantage or electoral fortune. To achieve Canada’s full economic and social potential, Canada’s government – of whatever political stripe – must enact policies based on facts; on objective evidence and an understanding of economics, global markets – and people. Unfortunately, that usually doesn’t happen. So for the next while I will be focussing on what some of those real, practical solutions might be, on encouraging people to debate them, and on exhorting people to encourage their implementation.

Canada can be more prosperous, healthier, better educated, more innovative and productive, more just, more environmentally sustainable, more equal in terms of opportunity, more internationally respected. Canada can be a lot more of a lot of things, but it will take people to engage. It will take people wiling to move beyond ideologically ingrained views.  I want to encourage skepticism. I want to encourage debate. I want to move beyond partisanship – and to encourage decision-makers to make good decisions, based on real, objective evidence.  We want a just society — we want our decision-makers to care for others, to have “soft hearts” — but good decisions require hard heads. Watch this space for views, opinions, ideas… And comments, suggestions – even constructive criticism — are all welcome.

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