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Newsletter, October 1, 2013

October 1, 2013 Newsletter

We love to hate our cellphone companies – for good reason.  But it’s not lack of competition. Please see my piece in today’s Globe and Mail:  “Our cellphone woes are real, but forcing in competitors isn’t the answer.”The current telecom war between the government and our leading wireless companies is just one issue that warrants objective analysis and debate, something lacking to date. And now, the government has embarked on an astonishing — and bizarre — ad campaign, using taxpayer money, against the country’s industry leaders. What’s really going on? More on that coming soon…Needless to say, after a brief hiatus, I have re-engaged in terms of public commentary – see my new “Hard Heads, Soft Hearts” website.I hope everyone has had a great summer – I certainly did (see my End of Summer Welcome Back.)  After the leadership campaign (and a bit of a holiday), I went back full steam into my role as Chief Legal Officer of EnStream (the mobile payments joint venture among Rogers, Bell and TELUS), and in my role as Executive Fellow at the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary.In other news, as a member of the Board of Directors of the Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs, I’m pleased to report that this summer’s Conference on Aboriginal / Canadian Relations was a huge success. See my two op eds on the issue… Part One and Part Two.

In September, I was honoured to be elected to the Board of Directors of Alpine Canada Alpin. After having been a ski racer, a coach, a parent of three ski racers, and having talked many times of how important ski racing has been for my personal development, I’m really pleased to have the chance to give something back to the sport that has meant so much to me and to my family.

As for politics, a lot of people have been asking if I will I run again. Truth be told, I’m just not sure at this point. Please see “Run for Office Again?”.

I continue to write on various policy issues (see the list of articles, op eds, speeches and other commentary I’ve done over the last few years at “Viewpoints” on my website). We want a better Canada – a just society that combines economic expansion and success with social responsibility. It is important to keep these discussions going, in an objective, evidence-based way.

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Thank you,

Martha Hall Findlay

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