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Quite A Decade… and a Tough Decision

2013-10-24 – Newsletter – Quite A Decade… and a Tough Decision

 This newsletter is a bit more personal, and a bit more difficult than most, as I’m writing to let you know that I will not be running in 2015.Although the Senate scandals, the ultra partisanship in Ottawa, the political intrigue and the corresponding media frenzy all provide an appropriate backdrop for someone choosing to stay away, I’ve been deliberating for some time, and this decision is based on far more than recent events.

It has been 10 years since I entered the world of politics, and it has been quite the decade — for Canada, for the Liberal Party, and for me personally: 2 nomination battles, 5 general election campaigns, 2 leadership campaigns – all with a few twists and turns along the way…  I loved being the Member of Parliament for Willowdale. I loved my Shadow Cabinet roles in the Official Opposition, the work I was able to do on various House of Commons Committees, and my time with the Liberal Party. I loved working with constituents and different communities in Willowdale and beyond, doing what we could to help where needed — I was (we all were) terribly proud of our “Wall of Thanks” in the constituency office. I loved the many opportunities to meet, converse with and learn from Canadians — of all political stripes — all across Canada. I’m grateful for the vigorous debates; the challenges and the lessons learned; the friendships created — and the fun.

I have been very fortunate, and it has all been a tremendous honour and a privilege. It has truly been an extraordinary 10 years.

But… time with family and friends, exciting business opportunities and my work in public policy all beckon. Those who know me know how strongly I feel about engagement, about stepping up, about ‘not complaining if you’re not prepared to do something about it’, and there’s no question that I will still be very much engaged. I remain passionate about turning objective, economically sound, evidence-based policies into action. I have realized, however, that partisan politics is not the only, nor necessarily the most effective, path.

I will continue to research and explore, and offer opinions – how could I not?! – on ideas for improving our economic, social and environmental prosperity, in Canada and around the globe. You will continue to hear and read plenty of commentary on what I find, and I will continue to encourage others to engage with me in this effort. In that regard, for more events, op eds and viewpoints, please check out www.MarthaHallFindlay.ca.

I appreciate the encouragement I’ve received from so many people to stay in the game, but it’s time for a change. And to all of the people across the country who have helped over the years, financially, with your time, and with your personal support, please know that I have not come to this decision lightly, and that I am immensely grateful for everything.

Stay tuned …

Martha Hall Findlay

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