The following is a list of recent and upcoming speeches, panels, conferences and other events that Martha has been involved with and those that she will be participating in over the course of the next few months.


January 11, 2017:            Ottawa’s CTV Morning Live – Watch Martha talk about the Liberal Cabinet shuffle

January 10, 2017:            CTV News Network – Martha talks about the Liberal Cabinet Shuffle.


December 6, 2016:         CBC Podcast – BC Almanac/Alberta Noon – Pipeline Persuasion

December 2, 2016:         CBC’s The 180 with Jim Brown – Martha talks about Free Trade: why we notice the losses, but ignore the gains.  Read and listen here.

November 1, 2016:          Martha spoke at the Business Council of British Columbia‘s BC Business Summit about Today’s Ideas, Tomorrow’s Prosperity.

October 25, 2016:           Ecofiscal Panel: When are subsidies win-win for the environment and the economy?

May 20, 2016:                 CBC, The Exchange, Martha appeared on and spoke about Stakeholder Issues.

February 16, 2016:         TVO’s The Agenda held a panel that Martha participated in that looked at Justin Trudeau’s first 100 days as Prime Minister.


October 8, 2015:            Fun Stuff!  Martha appeared on ici Radio Canada with Daniel Paille on a show about “odd couples”.  Listen to it here. (it’s in French)

October 2, 2015:            Martha appeared on BNN (Business News Network) to talk about how to fairly dismantle dairy supply management.

April 1, 2015:                   Martha will be the keynote speaker at the Canadian Association of Importers and Exporters AGM

March 28/29, 2015:       Martha will be in Mont Sainte Anne for Alpine Canada’s board meeting

March 27, 2015:              Martha is a panellist at SPP’s Financial Challenges of an Aging Population conference in Ottawa

March 21, 2015:              Martha is speaking at the R2P at Crossroads: Ten Years since the 2005 World Summit Outcome 

March 4/5, 2015:            In Ottawa for Positive Energy Conference at U of Ottawa

March 2/3, 2015:            In New York City for the New York Global Leaders Gala and Board Meeting

February 26, 2015:          In Calgary for the Edelman Trust Barometer event.  Listen to CBC radio’s interview with Laurie Stretch and Martha.

February 18, 2015:           Skyping with grade 11 class in BC

February 13, 2015:           In Calgary to attend Manning Centre, “Words from the Wise”.

February 3, 2015:              Attending the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business’ Gala

February 2, 2015:              Divestment Movement piece in the Globe and Mail and LaPresse

January 29, 2015:              Speak to Wilfrid Laurier University Students on Supply Management

January 14/15 2015:        SPP Calgary – Agenda for Energy Network Workshop

January 1, 2015:                Happy New Year.


December 24 – 30, 2014:   Happy Holidays!

December 3, 2014:             In Winnipeg for the Wheat, Chaff and Steel: Grain Transportation in the 21st Century conference

November 29-30, 2014:    World Cup, Lake Louise

November 28, 2014:           Bennett Jones World Cup Business Forum

November 27, 2014:           Alpine Canada Board Meeting, Lake Louise

November 17, 2014:           School of Public Policy – The Stock Market We Can’t See: The Exempt Market and Its Regulation – Toronto

November 11, 2014:            Remembrance Day

October 28, 2014:                C.D. Howe Institute – Policy Conference: Transforming the Canadian Payments System

October 27, 2014:                Municipal Election Day – Vote!

October 25, 2014:                Martha will be campaigning with and for John Filion and John Tory in Willowdale.  Meet up at John Filion’s campaign office at 11am at 5580 Yonge St – just south of Finch on the west side.

October 22, 2014:              Martha is speaking at Dairy Policy Reform in Canada & the United States event put on by the Woodrow Wilson Center and Bennett Jones in Toronto.

October 13, 2014:              Off to London, UK to speak at HCE Summit.

October 10, 2014:              Thanksgiving weekend and cottage closing.

October 2, 2014:                Attending the School of Public Policy’s Reputational, Regulatory and Political Risk in Tax Evasion and
Tax Avoidance roundtable

October 1, 2014:                In Calgary for Alpine Canada’s annual AGM.

September 25, 2014:        Ottawa – On CBC’s Power and Politics.

September 25, 2014:         Attend Speaker Kinsella’s Luncheon in Ottawa with Germany Trade delegation.

September 17-20, 2014:  Attending Atlantik-Bruecke’s conference in Calgary and Banff.

September 16, 2014:     Ottawa – On CBC’s Power and Politics.

September 15, 2014:     In Ottawa for The School of Public Policy’s trade conference –  Achieving Canada’s Trade Objectives: Implementing Canada’s Global Markets Action Plan

September 3-14, 2014:  Off to Italy!

August 28, 2014:            In Calgary for the School of Public Policy’s strategy session followed by keynote address to the new Master of Public Policy class at SPP.

August 7 – 10, 2014:       2014 Couchiching Conference:  More than a Game:  The Politics and Potential of Sport.

July 9, 2014:                     Martha will be speaking at a fundraising event for Jeannette Chau, Nomination candidate for MIssissauga-Erin Mills.

July 1, 2014:                     Canada Day!

June 25 – 27, 2014:         Martha will be speaking at the Canadian Payments Assocation’s conference in Charlottetown, PEI.

June 16, 2014:                 Alpine Canada Alpin Board Meeting

June 15, 2014:                 Father’s Day.

June 3 – 12, 2014:           Martha and her family will be participating in the 70th Anniversary of D Day tour in Normandy, France.

May 28, 2014:                 Martha will be speaking to the University Women’s Club of North York about supporting women in politics and the political process.

May 21, 2014:                 Martha will be the keynote speaker at the Ontario Snow Resort Association’s 50th AGM at the Blue Mountain Inn’s Conference Centre.

May 17, 2014:                 It’s cottage opening weekend! 🙂

May 13-15, 2014             Martha will be at the Cartes Secure Connexions America Conference in Las Vegas.

May 13, 2014:                 Martha will be on CKNW AM980 (BC) on the Simi Sara show at approximately 1:05pm PDT.  Listen to the tape here (Tues. May 13 – hour one).

May 11, 2014:                 Mother’s Day.

May 8, 2014:                    Martha will be speaking to Mississauga’s Probus Club about Supply Management.

May 3 or 4, 2014:            Sometime this weekend, not sure when since it’s news radio, 660 News Calgary will air Martha’s interview on Supply Management with Mark Strashok.

May 2, 2014:                    Martha will be on CBC’s The 180 with Jim Brown and Lorne Nystrom and Val Meredith answering the question, “is the constitution untouchable?”  Listen here.

April 5, 2014:                   Martha is speaking to the Junior League of Toronto about Canadian Women in Politics.

March 27, 2014:              Martha’s will be in Calgary participating in the Reputational, Regulatory and Political Risk in Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance roundtable.

March 18, 2014:              Martha will be in Brampton speaking to the Business and Professional Women’s Club about Women in Politics.

March 13, 2014:             Martha will be in Waterloo to speak to the Laurier Students for Liberty group about Supply Management.

March 4, 2014:              Martha will be on TVO’s The Agenda, 8 and 11 pm discussing social trust and declining trust in public institutions.  Check your local listings.  Watch it here.

February 10, 2014:              Post 2008: Re-Awakening Market Efficiency and Growth – An evening with David Dodge.   School of Public Policy, Toronto, Ontario

January 22, 2014:                Canadian Study of Parliament Group, Discussion panel: Meeting the Information Needs of Parliamentarians: How Well Does Canada Do?, (MHF as panellist), Ottawa, Ontario

January 21, 2014:                Martha will be on the CBC’s Power and Politics talking about Stephen Harper’s Israel trip.  Join her at approximately 5:40.

January 21, 2014:                Chrétien Tribute, “50 Years of Standing Up for Canada“, to celebrate the Rt. Hon. Jean Chrétien’s 50 year public career and his 80th birthday; The Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto, Ontario

January 8, 2014:                  Alpine Canada Alpin Canadian Olympic Committee Announcement; Casa Loma, Toronto, Ontario.



December 10-11, 2013:  “The Emergence of State Owned Enterprises: The Imperative for a New Approach to Investment Policy” (MHF as panellist); School of Public Policy, UofC; Calgary, Alberta.

December 2, 2013:           Speech (Supply Management); Frontier Centre for Public Policy; Winnipeg, Manitoba.

December 1, 2013:            World Cup Men’s Super-G; Lake Louise, Alberta.

November 30, 2013:         World Cup Men’s Downhill; Lake Louise, Alberta.

November 28-29, 2013:   Bennett Jones World Cup Business Forum; Lake Louise, Alberta.

November 26-27, 2013:   “Canada and Asia Market Diversification” (MHF as panellist);  School of Public Policy, UofC; Vancouver, British Columbia.

November 18-19, 2013:   International Institute of Communications (Canada Chapter) Annual Conference (MHF as panellist); Ottawa, Ontario.

IIC vector Logo - canada

November 7, 2013:           The Canada West Foundation Roger Gibbins Lecture (MHF to debate on Supply Management); Calgary, Alberta.  “Breaking a Few Eggs, Politics vs. Evidence in Canadian Trade Policy”.

November 4-5, 2013:        Conference on Emerging Mobile Payment Systems: Legal and Regulatory Risks; Osgoode; Toronto, Ontario.

Oct 23, 2013:                      Join Martha and Wayne Easter on CBC’s The 180 to discuss Supply Management.  Listen here.

October 16, 2013:              Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs Board Meeting; Toronto, Ontario.

October 12-14, 2013:        Thanksgiving – close-up weekend at the cottage!

October 10, 2013:              Women in Politics – Panel on Issues, Challenges, and Experiences of Women in Politics at the University of Calgary. Other panelists include: Shelley Wark-Martyn and Janet Brown.

October 9-10, 2013:           Fourth Annual Symposium in Tax and Economic Growth on Municipal Growth and Finance (MHF as panellist); School of Public Policy, UofC; Calgary, Alberta.

October 5, 2013:                 Speech on Supply Management; Manning Centre Student Networking Conference; University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario.

September 30, 2013:         International Policy Program Strategy Session, School of Public Policy, UofC; Calgary, Alberta.

September 28, 2013:        Christopher Plummer, “Shakespeare in Word and Music”The Banff Centre; Banff, Alberta.

September 27, 2013:         Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK) Canada Conference 2013 (MHF as panellist); Toronto, Ontario.

September 26, 2013:         Book Launch, Steve Paikin‘s “Paikin and the Premiers”; TVO; Toronto, Ontario.

September 20, 2013:         Jaimie Anderson Parliamentary Internship Fundraiser, with the Claytones; Black Sheep Inn, Wakefield, Quebec.

September 18, 2013:         Alpine Canada Alpin AGM and Board Meeting (MHF as new Director); Canada Olympic Park, Calgary, Alberta.